Iso-Syöte WILD RACE | Hiihtokeskus Iso-Syöte

Iso-Syöte WILD RACE  | Hiihtokeskus Iso-Syöte
Fun off-piste event where you get to know our best secret spots around the hill!
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WILD RACE 12-3pm - Start and finish next to the front lift.

entry fee
The participation fee for the competition is €5. In addition, the participant must have a lift ticket (or season pass) for Iso-Syöte that is valid on February 4, 2023.

Age limit
Snowboarders and skiers over the age of 15 with good math skills are welcome to participate in the event. Note! Those under 18 must have their guardian's consent.

Advance registration online.

In the Iso-Syöte WILD RACE event, the race takes place in challenging terrain, where there are obstacles such as stones, rocks, stumps, trees, etc. Outside the groomed slopes, you should act carefully and you should not test your limits with reckless and reckless performances.

The participant understands these dangers and therefore uses common sense, a helmet and back armor or backpack during the event. In addition, the participant has a valid insurance that covers such events as well as skiing outside of groomed slopes.

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