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Iso-Syöte Ski Resort

Slopes and Lifts

We are open daily until first of May!

Sunday-Tuesday at 10am.-5pm. (during the season at 10am-7pm)
Wednesday 10am.-7pm. (night skiing at the front slopes 5-7pm) 
Thursday at 10am.-5pm. (during the season at 10am-7pm)
Friday at 10am.-9pm. (night skiing at the front slopes 5-9pm)
Saturday at 10am.-7pm.

Ski Rental:

Open every day from 9.30a.m. until the lifts close. 

Contact us:

0201 476 471 
Romekievarintie 126,
93280 Syöte

First aid: 040 120 9354

KIDE Hotel by Iso-Syöte

Hotel reception and Hotel restaurant Tovaglia: 

Sunday-Thursday 8am.-8pm.
Friday-Saturday at 8am.-10pm.


Sunday-Thursday at 8am.-8pm.
Friday-Saturday at 8am.-10pm.

Hotel Saunas:

Daily at 6pm.-9pm.

Contact us:

0201 476 474

Romekievarintie 6,
93280 Syöte


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