Learn with qualified instructors!


Welcome to enjoy the joy of skiing in the cheerful company of Ski Resort Iso-Syöte’s skilled instructors! You can choose from a selection of instruction in cross country skiing, downhill- & telemark skiing and snowboarding. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, our experienced instructors provide you with a safe environment for learning! All Ski Resort Iso-Syöte’s instructors are professionally qualified by the Finnish Skiing Instructors association at the Vuokatti Sports Institute.

Iso-Syöte Ski School provides both private and small-group lessons. The private lessons are always tailored to guests personal needs.

By making an advance booking for your instruction, you ensure that you get the chosen instruction on the desired date and time! We recommend you to use advance booking, because the availability of skiing instruction depends on the number of available instructors.

We follow the Finnish Ski Area Association, FSAA Terms of delivery

Prices for winter season 2023–2024:

Ski school prices:

  1 person 2 persons 3 persons Additional person
Half day course (100 min)  95 € 115 € 135 € 20 € per person
Kids' lesson (50 min) 52 € 72 € 92 €  
1-day-course (2 x 100 min lessons) 150 € 175 € 200 € 35 € per person
3-day-course (100 min lesson / day) 215 € 270 € 325 € 55 € per person

During the lessons you don't need a lift pass. Ski rental for the lesson is 11 € per person.


Werner ski schools for kids:

SnowWerner for 4-7-year-olds 70 €
SpeedWerner for 5-12-year-olds 70 €
SnowboardWerner for 7-15-year-olds 70 €
RaceWerner for 8-12-year-olds 70 €
FreerideWerner for 10-15-years-olds 70 €

During the lessons you don't need a lift pass. Ski rental for the lesson is 11 € per person.

Varaa hiihtokoulu netistä

Werneri courses for children

Werneri's ski school runs in the ski resorts belonging to the Finnish Ski Resort Association! Werner's goal is to maintain and increase children's enthusiasm for winter sports. Each participant will be given their own Werneri slope passport, where the child can collect stickers as they learn something new. The practice is fun and meaningful and it is exciting to follow from the stickers accumulated in the passport. Werneri courses are available on weekends and holidays, depending on demand.

Courses available:

SnowWerneri for 4-10 year olds

During the course, the child learns to use the lifts and to turn and brake with skis. The course starts with a gentle family slope, but at the end of the course, you can also try more challenning slopes. After SnowWerner, the child knows the basics and is ready to continue developing their skills at SpeedWerner!

SpeedWerneri for 6-12 year olds

SpeedWerneri is an advanced-level course for children who have visited LumiWerner or already know how to stop and turn with skis. In the course, the child develops their existing skills to a new level and learns to count more independently. After the course, the child will enjoy almost the entire ski slope offer on their own.

Snowboard Werneri for 6-12 year olds

The course is intended for beginner snowboarders. In the course, the child learns the basics of snowboarding, but also small tricks. After the course, the child knows the basics of snowboarding and is ready to learn more.