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Majoitus, aktiviteetit ja paketit


Finland's southernmost fell is full of adventures!

Cannon snow forests, candle spruces and the glow of northern lights.

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 About us

Iso-Syöte is Finland’s Southernmost fell. Iso-Syöte is surrounded by the breathtakingly beautiful Syöte National park, where you can enjoy skiing, cycling, snowshoeing, or just the fantastic views!Spot the northern lights dancing in the sky from autumn to early spring. Autumn is also time for colors, in Iso-Syöte the color of the ground changes from green to the shades of red, yellow and orange in August and September.  During mid-winter, you can enjoy magnificent candlestick trees. The snow keeps falling and in the spring the sun comes up and the days stretch longer.  During the summer the sun doesn't set and the National Park blooms with life. 
Along the way, you’re also very likely to encounter animals like hares and reindeer, and if you move carefully, you might also see owls! 

During the wintertime, you can enjoy the Iso-Syöte ski area's slopes. We have 17 different skill levels slopes for skiers and snowboarders. The SnowWorld has four slopes and four lifts designed for safe and fun learning. Long and wide blue slopes are perfect for easy and enjoyable runs, while black and red slopes offer challenges for more experienced skiers and riders. Thrill-seekers find great off-pistes and park facilities.

Ajankohtaisia vinkkejä, uutisia ja tarinoita Iso-Syötteeltä:

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Syötteen kierros on upea maastopyöräilyreitti

Finland's southernmost fell is surprisingly close!

Iso-Syöte is located in the middle of four airports; Oulu, Kuusamo, Rovaniemi and Kemi. You can also get to us by train, bus or car. 

✈️ Fly to Oulu, Kuusamo, Kemi or Rovaniemi. There is a direct bus connection from Oulu Airport to Iso-Syöte every Thursday, Friday and Sunday for about 20 €. On other weekdays the connection requires a change of coach in Oulu. Check schedules. Hire a car or ask us for transportation options from other airports. 
? The nearest train station is in Oulu! From Oulu, you can continue to Iso-Syöte by bus. Check bus schedules here.
Rent a car from Oulu city or any of the airports. Several International car rental services are available. 

In Iso-Syöte, you can move effortlessly even without a car. Equipment rental, slopes, shop, toboggan rental, restaurants and numerous other services in the area are located near the slopes and each other, allowing you to get anywhere in minutes, either on foot, ski or downhill skiing! If you want to go further the area bus operates in the winter season.

?  Check the area bus schedules and prices here.

See you soon in Iso-Syöte, Finland! ??

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