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Express chairlift opens for winter season 25/26

A brand-new Leitner six-seater chairlift will open for winter season 2025-2026. The new lift takes just over three minutes to ride, cutting the ascent time down by nearly half, and making for a much more enjoyable experience. Opposing to the existing t-bars, the chairlift will, for the first time, open a straight access to the summit from the front side of the ski resort.

Chairlift will be open for most of the year. During the winter guests are mainly skiers and snowboarders, during the summer bikers. The new chair will also be open for sightseeing and transportation to reach Iso-Syöte summit. A scenic ride on the Iso-Syöte Express to the summit is the perfect easy access attraction, winter and summer. For summer season the chairs are equipped with bike racks and can carry up to three mountain bikes and three people simultaneously.
Read more below. 

Fantastic ski holiday in a true Winter Wonderland

With the gorgeous views, services and vibe of a Winter Wonderland, Iso-Syöte also offers fantastic skiing. Modern chairlift raises Iso-Syöte to the highest class of Finnish ski resorts. The resort is locally well known for high quality terrain that offer challenges for experienced skiers also. Ski areas highlights include a large and versatile learner’s area, top-of -world snowparks and well maintained and long slopes, with steepness and wideness for fast and large turns. With the new chairlift, most of the slopes will stretch to almost 1500 meters.

Direct access to the slopes (and other activities) as well as the thoughtfully designed rooms, make KIDE Hotel by Iso-Syöte the ideal accommodation for a wonderful ski holiday in the North. 


Iso-Syöte Ski Resort and KIDE Hotel by Iso-Syöte are family owned sister companies. With two entrepreneurs Mikko Terentjeff and Heidi Terentjeff-Jaurakkajärvi and and enthusiast team of industry professionals the resort is the up-and coming resort in the local ski market. They explain why Iso-Syöte is THE (ski)destination to visit: 

Comparing to Central Europe Iso-Syöte has some great selling points as a ski holiday destination: great quality snow, that ensures slopes that are in a wonderful condition and enjoyable to ski and ride from morning till night. Few people, no long liftlines or busy slopes, giving the guests a feeling of being safe in the slopes, with room around you whilst skiing.  Another selling point is the large learner area that is fun for children and adults, and is open to use without restrictions from morning till evening. Iso-Syöte also has a long season, stretching from November until early May. Last but not least are the other Winter Wonderland-experiences to be combined!  There is a great possibility to have the full Finnish winter experience; a snowshoe and cross-county tour, hunt the Northern Lights, ride on huskies, reindeers and snowmobiles.

Iso-Syöte Winter Wonderland

Iso-Syöte area is making it's way to the highest class of Finnish travel destinations

Iso-Syöte is well known for the amazing winter sceneries, mass of snow, new and stylish accommodation options and great winter activities. During the past couple of years the area has seen a building boom of over a hundred villas, new companies opening shop and more and more international guests. With the upgrade on the ski area, the area is expecting more growth and even better services for its guest in the near future. The area is conviniently close to Rovaniemi(2hrs), Oulu(2hrs) and Kuusamo(1hr) airports and can be easily reached from many parts of the world. 

Havainnekuva ylä-ja ala-asema Iso-Syötteen tuolihissi

Iso-Syötteen tuolihissi talvi


-High speed, six-seater Leitner-chairlift (detachable)

-Opens up for winter season 25-26

-Maximum capacity 2800 person/hour

-Size of the investment: M€ 7,5

-From Iso-Syöte base (opposite to KIDE Hotel) to the summit, with access to both sides of the ski resort.

-Equipped with new technology bike racks, that carry maximum three downhill bikes and three people in one chair during summer months.

-Equipped with sustainable and reliable leit-drive technology.

Iso-Syötteen tuolihissi talvi

Project Information

This project has been co-funded by the European Union. Funding has been admitted by the Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment.
Project time: 1.9.2023-31.10.2025 

In the project a new 6-person Express chairlift will be implemented. With an aim to increase customer capacity and service efficiency even at peak times. And to increase year-round tourism by offering a new mode of transportation in the area. The project will increase energy efficiency and also international customers' interest towards the destination. The project's measures support the growth of the company's turnover and exports, as well as the increase of jobs.

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