KIDE room with connecting door

KIDE room with connecting door
This beautiful KIDE room has connecting door to the next room enabling families or friends to connect their rooms.
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KIDE room with connecting door


KIDE room with connecting door can be connected when two connectable rooms are booked. With extra beds the two connectable rooms can accomodate up to 6 persons.
All of our KIDE rooms include two high quality beds that can be joined together. Two different type of pillows and luxury duvet from the finest fabrics guarantee a good night sleep in magical surroundings of northern Finland. Extra bed enables a party of three to accommodate in all rooms.
Well equipped kitchen including state of the art oven enables you to bake local delicacies, such as Lappish pancake, on your own. Your beautiful room also includes a dishwasher, coffeemaker, toaster and a kettle. Hotel services even include a possibility to order snack packages to your hotel room fridge, so you can have delicious local treats waiting for you upon your arrival, or after an exciting day at the resort.
Even the smallest room details have been designed support an active holiday lifestyle. There is plenty of room for your outdoor sporting equipment, you can dry your sporting gear in the in -room drying cabinet and even the biggest snowboard bags can fit to a designated storage place under your bed.